What means UKgoodbye?

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What means UKgoodbye og UK goodbye?

UK goodbye is second life for stuff. UK goodbye buy second stuff like Computer, Laptops, smartphones, tablets to refurbish. UKgoodbye sale in UK, export overseas.

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EU Settlement Scheme update

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EU Settlement Scheme update

This is the latest information on the EU Settlement Scheme for EU citizens in the UK. You are receiving this because you have requested email updates from the UK government.

The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union today set out information for EU citizens and their family members in the UK in the event of a no deal exit from the EU.

The UK Government:

  • Confirms that if there is no deal, the EU Settlement Scheme will continue to be implemented, enabling EU citizens and their family members living in the UK by 29 March 2019 to secure their status and continue to be able to work, study, and access benefits and services in the UK on the same basis after we exit the EU as they do now. The scheme will be fully open by 30 March 2019 as planned.
  • Confirms that the Home Office will continue to look to grant status rather than refuse and in line with the UK commitment to be more generous in certain respects than the draft Withdrawal Agreement, a person will not be refused status under the EU Settlement Scheme because, for example, they are not economically active or they do not hold comprehensive sickness insurance.
    There would be some changes to the EU Settlement Scheme if the UK leaves the EU without a deal, and further details are set out in the policy document. In particular, as there will be no agreed implementation period, the application deadline will be brought forward to 31 December 2020.

You do not need to do anything for now. The EU Settlement Scheme will be fully open by 30 March 2019.

Further information about the scheme can be found on GOV.UK.

EU Settlement Scheme update,

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We can predict your future!

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We can predict your future!

UK is out of the EU is a fact, maybe you are afraid about what can happen now with your future, like Abraham Lincoln said-

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

We can predict your future. If you are no doing nothing about it, probably nothing will change because UK is not part of the EU.

We have a question: Why you do not have your dream job?
Are you Cambridge, Oxford or etc, university graduate?
Have you any skill?
Are working, paying your taxes?

If you are not working or you do not have your dream job, the answer are in your hands. Do not blame the rest for that!

Alan Sugar said: What you see is what you get. And you: What do you see? If you do not see nothing probably you will no get nothing!

Your present and future is your hand, do no wait for somebody else to do something. Do not wait for your country or the rest do something for you to have better live.

Is possible, you are asking the wrong questions, you should ask, “What can I do for me and for my country”
My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. John F. Kennedy

If your live is miserable, and you are no doing nothing to change that situation, probably it will be continue like this! Nobody will think and rethink to find a solution for you. Does matter if you have voted for UK to exit or to remain in EU, the solution of your problem is always in your hands.

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Keep calm, do not panic!

2016-06-26 10:30:00 admin

Keep calm, do not panic, because everything has a solution!

Anti-Brexit protests were also held in other UK cities, including Edinburgh, where Remain won by a vast majority – a result reflected in all 32 local authorities in Scotland, triggering demands for a second Scottish independence referendum.

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Cambridge will remain the best city in Europe to study!

2016-06-26 10:11:40 admin

Cambridge will remain the best city in Europe to study!Cambridge will remain the best city to study in Europe!

Cambridge will remain the best city to study in Europe!

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