Google is the world’s biggest employer

Google is the worlds biggest employer

Google is the world’s biggest employer

Official Google has 57,100 full-time employees according to the Bussiner insider, if we add the Google Adsense publishers that include Youtubers, and Bloggers and App for smartphones(Android) that also have agreed to add Google ads. In one word, all of us we are indirectly Google’s employees.

According to wikipedia, the United States Department of Defense(USA) with 3.2 million employee is the largest employer and second is the People’s Liberation Army of China with 2.3 million of employees.

Google should be considered the world’s biggest employer:

  1.  Around 57, 100 direct employees.
  2. Youtubers, –  there are 8,000+ partners using Content ID
  3. There are than 2 million AdSense publishers(An Adsense publisher also can be a youtuber)

We are keep doing research, is strange the most famous and important engine searcher as Google could not found exactly how many employees it has and how many Adsense publishers are there working indirectly for Google.

Who knows exactly, how many Adsense publishers are there?, I guess only Google has the answer.

We should say: ” we are working for Google“.