UKgoodbye is aware about the healthy of our environment.

“Our mission is to contribute to health of the environment and communities in reducing wastage by buying used devices and giving them second life so they can be used again.”

What we do

We refurbish computers, tablets, mobiles phones, laptops and others items to extend their live span.

Our customers

Individuals and companies who sell us no longer used or broken devices to recycle and other customers who buy from us second hand items due to the affordable price and same time to promote sustainability.

Our international projects exports from UK to Africa and Latin America giving a second live to the used devices that people in UK no longer wanted to use. Those items make a tremendous impact to the local communities, schools and work places by improving their day to day life style through technology.

UKgoodbye is a branch of europegoodbye, over 10 years exporting from Europe.

Other domain linked:, version in French is coming soon!