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About Us

What is UKgoodbye??
UKgoodbye is the second life for stuff.

UKgoodbye is aware of the health of our environment.
“Our mission is to contribute to the health of the environment and communities by reducing wastage. We do this when buying used devices and giving them a second life so they can be used again.”

What we do

We refurbish computers, tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and other items to extend their life span.

Our customers

Individuals and companies who sell us no longer used or broken devices to recycle and other customers who buy from us second-hand items due to the affordable price and at the same time to promote sustainability.

Our international projects exports from the UK to Africa and Latin America giving a second life to the used devices that people in the UK no longer wanted to use. Those items make a tremendous impact on the local communities, schools, and workplaces by improving their day to day lifestyle through technology.

UKoodbye is passionate about recycling and much of our outer packaging is recycled. We feel it is an absolute waste of resources to send cardboard boxes and protective packaging to landfill when there is still a perfectly good use for them.

We owe it to the environment to make better use of these throw-away items and it also means we produce less waste and fewer trees need to be cut down.

Our domains is the same like or, means second life for stuff!

UKgoodbye Recycling Here at UKgoodbye we promote environmental awareness and are proud to recycle wherever possible.

Google Reviews

Very good service kind and friendly would highly recommend thank you
M. Ki Sow
M. Ki Sow
Peter Taylor
Peter Taylor
I bought an iPhone 6 from UK goodbye last year for my daughter. Good price and quality of the refurbished phone.

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