iPhones battery drains faster than normal, with a new battery

The iPhone 7 has a broken screen after the owner drops it accidentally, and the iPhone the Home button stopped working, and the screen was not responding normally

UKgoodbye bought that iPhone 7 we try to make it works smoothly as it was before, so we replaced:

1- New  genuine Apple screen LCD
2- New genuine Apple Battery.
3- Tested the iPhone 7, that passed all the tests by TestM

UKgoodbye Test than sale

After the repairing is done to the iPhone 7, the screen working, but the Home button is still not working, so that was replaced with a genuine Apple Home button, but unfortunately the home button still not working.

After tried the alternatives solutions

a) Reset all background apps on the iPhone 7 then restart 
b) Install pending app updates on the iPhone 7
c) Reset all settings
d) Reset and restore factory settings on the iPhone 7

The battery of that iPhone still draining faster, so it must be the motherboard faulty that causes to not detect the Home button and the battery issues.