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Where to repair my smartphone in Cambridge, for students?

The life of students can be stressful with assessments and exams, on top of that, they are far away from their friends, family, and relatives: The smartphone is mandatory to keep in contact with their loved ones.   When your smartphone stops working or broken, UKgoodbye wants to recommend a couple of solutions:

1- Where to repair the smartphone the same day at a cheap price possible? Smart services, Smart Services All-in-One Business Services at Regent street 79, very good service and fair price in Cambridge for students and nonstudents.

Smart services repair smartphones, Laptops, mobile unlocking( you may prefer to unlock your smartphone that brink from your country to the Cambridge, England, UK to be able to use local SIM),  sell mobile accessories, photo for passport and driver license, Coffe internet and barbershop. Smart services may have a special discount for students.

2- Solution, maybe if the time to change the smartphone, we recommend selling the old smartphone that could help you to buy the new model. UKgoodbye buys, sells, and export second stuff.