Cash in hand for your old iPhone, smashed screen full working by UKgoodbye

Where to sell my old smartphone in Cambridge, England, UK

Ukgoodbye will like to share some advice about where to sell an old smartphone in Cambridge, England, UK. 

It is better to sell your old smartphone even if you do not need the money, just to help others to have the option to enjoy the pleasure to use any new model of phone, because sometimes what is an old model for you, could be useful for somebody else.  It is better to give a second-hand smartphone to children.

1- Easy way, is to contact UKgoodbye, the highest price for your old smartphone: It is simple we agreed to a price, and UKgoodbye we pay it same day at your home or workplace. UKgoodbye buys Apple iPhone 7, 8, 10, X, 11, 11 Pro working or not: with a broken screen or battery won’t charge but ALWAYS free iCloud. The iPhone could be locked to any network in the UK or unlocked.

2- You can sell your smartphone on social media, for example, Facebook Market