iPhone 6 full test report

How to diagnose my smartphone with Apple iOS or Android?

Ukgoodbye, a second life for stuff, sale locally in the United Kingdom or export, device like smartphones in good health. We buy, repair or refurbish. We test, run a diagnosis on all our devices before delivering them to our customers.  The useful App that has a version for Apple iOS or Android named TestM. UKgoodbye…

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UKgoodbye, the battery health

Apple iPhone battery health should be good

The battery health is important when you are buying or selling any electronic device that requires very good battery health to function 100%. On Apple’s devices, most have the option to check battery health. UKgoodbye is using an App that is named “TestM” available for IOS and android.  

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Apple iPhone, when to replace the battery. When battery healthy says “Service”, unable to determine battery health

Apple iPhone, when to change the battery. When battery healthy says “Service” On my iPhone 6S by going in Settings -> Battery, it does not show anything, just a line(—) If your iPhone uses iOS 10.2.1 through iOS 11.2.6, this notice might appear in Settings > Battery: “Your iPhone battery may need to be serviced.”…

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