Selling locally your old smartphone, conditions

How to locally and make a huge benefit your old unused smartphone after upgrading  in Cambridge, UK UKgoodbye buy now old smartphone with few conditions Factory reset – unlocked from any cloud system( example iCloud) Unlocked from any network provider – you can ask your network provider to unlock the smartphone for you. Conditions: Working…

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Version 2.0 of UKgoodbye’s website, December 2019

UKgoodbye’s new website is easy to use, and 1- People-oriented 2- Easy to share or send on social media 3- Responsible 4- It uses SSL, that guarantee secure communication when you purchase products from UKgoodbye. View on youtube UKgoodbye’s video about this new version:

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What UKgoodbye does?

UKgoodbye buy second hand stuff like smartphones, PC desktop, Laptops, tablets, iPads and more, to repair or refurbish them and make sure they backed to work again smoothly. UKgoodbye sale in UK as well in Europe and export to the rest of world.

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