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There’s a sticker program that uses stickers to convey the idea that you’re beautiful, and a little sticker to give people confidence. In order to encourage all girls, we also make a Beautiful Girl Laser Stickers, which is a laser die cutting sticker. The biggest difference between laser sticker and ordinary sticker is that it can reflect light, which means it can take on different colors under different light. You can put this kind of sticker on the back of your car to remind others to pay attention to the driving.

Our Beautiful Girl Laser Stickers is a blonde girl enjoying life peacefully. This sticker adopts CMYK printing mode of laser PVC sticker, which shows color through the four-color overlay of ink, and the color is composed and layered. Our stickers can be applied anywhere, just like ordinary stickers.

If customers want a laser sticker, you can choose GS-JJ, our company to “customer-centric, credibility as the basis, focus on quality” as the purpose. GS-JJ also offers some free services, such as free customization and Custom Stickers Free Shipping. If you want to save money, choose GS-JJ Company.

Size: 3.3”

Style: die cut stickers