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20829 Valley Blvd.

Community Employer Health provides healthcare services for Indiana City of USA. They have been adhering to the principle of “Patience First”. The Employer Health has been established for sixty years by our neighbors. If you body discomfort or you need do a medical examination, you can visit Community Employer Health. GS-JJ has received a requirement to design cheap breakaway lanyards for the organization. The Community Employer Health Lanyards is crafted by top quality nylon material to finish. The blue color background and the white ink printing have created the whole Community Employer Health Lanyards. The organization’s website and the logo are printed on the appearance of the cheap breakaway lanyards. As for the printing of the lanyards, we adapted the silkscreen printing process to print. The attachments of the Community Employer Health Lanyards included a metal key ring and plastic safety breakaway. If you need this kind of awesome lanyards, please call us and we will design the best for you. 

Custom Lanyards Size: 0.75″*36″

Thickness: 1mm

Style: Nylon Lanyards

Attachment: Metal Key Ring

Packaging: 50 or 100 pcs per bag