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What’s really cool about this simple apparatus is that you can use it anywhere, indoors or out. Simply attach the system to a secure anchor point, e.g., a door, a hook on the wall, a tree or fence—you can hang this trainer anywhere. TRX is very common and using it everywhere.There is some benefits for TRX Suspension Training.

1.It’s great for all levels. “Anyone can use TRX due to its versatility,” says Balzarini.

2.It’s portable. It weighs two pounds so you can take it anywhere and use it indoors or outdoors.

3.It helps you reach any goal.  Use to improve sports performance, lose weight, gain strength, rehab an injury, and more.

4.It’s functional. It’s designed to carry everywhere and meets the demands of daily activities.

5.You stand to train. People sit too much and have sedentary lifestyles. This allows you to get off your butt.

TRX training is a great workout. I love TRX because you can work in a variety of planes and in all ranges of motion. I can work on my running stride one day and perfect my golf swing another. TRX allows you to get creative, have fun, and push yourself past your limits.