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UKgoodbye is buying Samsung Galaxy S7 32,64 or 128 GB

Better it is unlocked for all network.

Price from: £128
Capacity: 32 or 64 GB.
Colors: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Pink Gold
Model number: G930F (Global); G930FD (Global; Southeast Asia); G930W8 (Canada). Identify your Samsung model name(Click here)

NOT stolen and And never opened or tried to repair and likely it not damaged definitely.

You will be happy to sign a proof of sale, a secure second hand item sales among individuals. We buy, refurbish, to sale in UK or export. It is a Classifieds Ads Website, but UKgoodbye could buy whatever its users are advertising. The reason I need is required for export by UK’s Custom., life for swcond hand stuff, say now good buy to your old smartphone.