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UKgoodbye Test than sale

UKgoodbye test report of Apple iPhone 7

UKgoodbye tests every single device then sale. The test results for the iPhone 7 passed successful all the test except the Touch ID, The list of the test include screen( Touch screen and 3D Touch), Sound(Earpiece, Speaker, and Microphone), Motion( Accelerometer, Compass, and Gyroscope), Connectivity(Bluetooth, Cellular(Network), GPS, Network, and WiFi), hardware( Buttons, Charger, Light Sensor.,…

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iphone 6 passed the test

Fully tested for iPhone 6

UKgoodbye tested the iPhone 6 passed successfully the 22 test that allows TestM  screen, sound, motion, connectivity, camera, and hardware, This iPhone 6 or similar could be available for sale. Show now!

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iPhone 6 full test report

The full test report of iPhone 6, by UKgoodbye using TestM

Ukgoodbye tests fully every single device before selling it. The full test report of iPhone 6, by UKgoodbye using TestM

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IPhone won’t turn on

Apple iPhone 6 won’t turn on, changed screen, and battery. What else?

Repairing an old iPhone requires patience when you buy an old iPhone that is not turning on. Several solutions 1- Change the screen, make sure that the screen is working on another iPhone. 2- Change the battery, make sure that the battery is fine too. 3- Change the charging port for a new or old…

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