cheaper than on eBay, in 10%

Why we 10% cheaper the same on UKgoodbye than on eBay. eBay is not free

It’s free to list your products or services, but eBay charges 10% of every transaction. It is free to list a limited number of items, but each one that sells invokes a fee that averages 13% total in eBay and PayPal fees, 10% for eBay another 3% for PayPal.

UKgoodbye is 10% cheaper than ebay
That is the main reason if you buy an item directly from ukgoodbye, you will receive a 10% discount. Because you do not pay any fee to eBay purchasing directly from our shop.

For example, you buy an iPhone 6s at £85+ £8.45(postage fee) in total is £93.45, so eBay charge us £9.35, and Pay will charge another 3% that is £3.01

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